It’s up to You to stop feeling Lost


To all those who are lost, I feel you. Lots of people feel you. Probably everyone in the world feels you. It’s a universal feeling that unfortunately imbeds itself deep within our minds. It sucks…hard. It’s a constant strain on the mind, a thing that never really seems to go away. Maybe you aren’t sure what to major in at school. Maybe you can’t find a job that you really love. Maybe you are looking for a relationship but can’t seem to find one. The possibilities are limitless really. And the reason is this…you are lost only because you feel lost. Nothing going on around you, nothing happening in your life, is putting you in a situation in which you are actually “lost” in the world. Feeling lost is a perception of the world that you create in your own mind. It is the view you have of yourself and the view you have of the world, nobody else’s. Nobody, and nothing, can make you feel lost. Only you can make yourself feel lost.

Think of the human language and the power that it gives us. We talk to other people all the time, everyday. We also talk to ourselves, even more so than we talk to other people without even realizing it. Words are not just words, though. Words are our way of conveying feelings, emotions, beliefs, opinions, and judgments. And if we believe what we are being told, those words manifest themselves in our minds and become a part of us…a part of who we are as an individual. This is a big reason why so many of us feel lost. We are constantly taking in and processing information given to us by other people and by ourselves. It is a thousand voices running all at once in our brains, each of them giving an opinion and receiving these opinions differently. Part of our brain pushes us in one direction while the rest pulls us the opposite way. Ever feel like two, three, or ten different people all at once? I know I have. No wonder we feel lost.

In order to not feel lost, you have to know yourself. You have to be totally content with who you are as a unique and special individual, distinct from the rest. In other words, you have to follow your heart. If you are following your heart, you could be in the midst of hell and you will still feel content. Why? Because if you are truly at peace with yourself, nothing going on around you will effect you. Nothing people say about you, good or bad, will embed itself in your mind. Never take anything personally. Nothing people say or do is because of you; rather it is because of them. They have a problem, not you. And when they say or do mean things to you, that is a reflection of their own personal problems not yours. You don’t need other people to validate, or even worse create, your own personal belief system about yourself and the world. You know yourself better than anyone…you are you and nobody else after all! Use your words only for good when speaking to others and when speaking to yourself. Would you walk up to somebody and just tell him or her that they’re fat, stupid, or a washed up deadbeat? Then why would you tell yourself these things? Love yourself, love who you are, and follow your heart. If you do these things, you will be content with yourself and when you are content with yourself you are never lost.

I found it extremely difficult to do the these things until I got rid of all my social media accounts, stopped keeping up with the mainstream media, and basically began to focus on myself more than other people. It is so easy these days to get caught up in each other’s lives that we don’t even know what is going on in our own. The key to breaking away from the cycle is this…unplug. Try it. Get rid of social media for a month, stop checking CNN everyday, stop reading the gossip magazines, stop getting so wrapped up in what other people are doing. Then sit down and focus on yourself…who are you? What do you believe in? What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing? What do you want to do? Fuck other people’s judgments and what they may think, these are your thoughts and this is your life. Remember, if they are judging you that’s because they are insecure and uncomfortable with themselves, and that is a problem that they have to work through, not you. Be you, find yourself. And I promise you that this will be easier to do if you just unplug from the world for a little bit, stop taking things personally, and start listening to and following your heart. If you don’t want to be lost, you don’t have to be. It’s entirely up to you to stop feeling that way.


Lost in Translation

the_road_less_traveled_by_duvallgearDo you know why I speak the way I do,

or why I write what I write?

What about the power of the human language,

have you ever thought about this?

Have you ever thought of what silence is,

or why I choose to speak so little?

Have you ever made time for nothing,

time for nothing to exist but your own stream of consciousness?

How about the way I dress,

I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s a bit strange.

Do you know why I wear different clothes than you,

have you ever tried to understand?

I have chosen a different path,

one not bound by the chains of society.

Am I weird because of this,

does this make me a bad person?

I am not harming you,

and I try my hardest to not disturb your peace.

Then why do you care so much

about the path on which my heart has taken me.

I don’t expect you to understand,

although that would be nice.

But if you at least tried to understand,

maybe things would be more peaceful.

I may not know you entirely,

but I try.

I try to understand,

and what remains a mystery is lost in love.

If you just tried to really know me,

it wouldn’t be that hard.

You would see my heart,

and you would see a deeper love.

If we only turned our capacity to judge

into our ability to love.

We would be a better race,

connected as one in harmony.

The day that I died

Twas a beautiful day indeed

The day that I died

I died to the world

and I died to you.

I became dead to power,

dead to riches,

dead to your respect.

I became dead to your definitions,

dead to your beliefs,

and dead to your dream.

I died to an ego,

lost my pride,

I died to myself.

I became dead to conflict,

dead to tension,

dead to negativity.

I died to money,

lost all greed,

I died to the material world.

The day that I died is the day that I was born.

The day that I was born,

I was born from and to myself,

born free of spirit.

I was brought into love,

shown peace,

and given contentment.

I was born into a new existence,

one that you do not live in,

one that I hope you will someday understand.

I was brought back into this world,

yet not the same world,

because I see things differently now.

I see that you and I,

we are one in the same,

inextricably connected.

I was born with an open mind,

a mind that sees through things,

through the surface and into the depths.

I was born not to be a judge

but born to love,

born to forgive.

I was born with clearer vision,

given the ability to feel,

to know that the heart is what matters.

The day that I died

was the most beautiful day of my life

because on that day I was born.

This is when we shall first cross paths

To everyone, or anyone, that comes across this blog…you are all beautiful people. What you read you may not like, and what you read you may not agree with. But I am here for me, here to express my thoughts. I need to. The human language, written or spoken, severely limits the full outwardly expression of our thoughts and feelings. That is why writing is so challenging, that is why it is an art. To write effectively requires us to use the entire capacity of the mind and heart. We all have stories and experiences, highs and lows. Some may be more extreme than others, and from person to person these stories will be different. But what our individual life experiences give us are feelings and emotions that are universal. I hope that you enjoy what I post, but if not, that is ok. I am on here because I need to be. If I fail to effectively communicate my thoughts, which I’m sure will happen, I apologize. But maybe you’ll see my heart, maybe you’ll see where I am coming from. These are my thoughts. Welcome to my world, welcome to my dream. It’s all about the love baby.